SOLID Micro Mini Gold Jesus Piece Pendant .925 Silver

SOLID Micro Mini Gold Jesus Piece Pendant .925 Silver

$ 159.00 $ 399.00


  • .925 Sterling Silver - Crafted From Fine .925 Silver Which is a Real Precious Metal And Considered Real Jewelry.
  • Gold Wrapped - Thick Gold Wrapped Makes Your Jewelry Last Long and Look Realistic. Up to 10X Thicker Than Competitors.
  • Prong Setting - CZ Simulated Diamonds Are Micro Pave Prong Set to Shine It's Best. This Is Authentic Stone Setting Real Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry Uses.
  • Quality Craftsmanship - Created With Fine Details and Strength To Be Durable Over Time and Look Beautiful.
  • Fast Shipping - Immediate Shipping To Ice You Up Fast.

Gold Micro Jesus piece with the full solid back. Yes this Jesus piece pendant is crafted from a solid piece of .925 sterling silver, so it has a suprisingly heavy weight for such a small piece. The piece is dipped in several times in 18k gold to keep it shining gold for a long time. This finely crafted to the same specifications or better than genuine diamond Micro jesus Pendants out there. In fact for just $1500 more we can set genuine diamonds on this micro Jesus piece as a special order, please inquire if you got the bread. Treat yourself to this quality gold micro Jesus pendant.

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