Jesus Crucifix .925 Sterling Silver Gold Pendant

Jesus Crucifix .925 Sterling Silver Gold Pendant

$ 69.95 $ 199.00

Pendant Only

  • .925 Sterling Silver - Crafted From Fine .925 Silver Which is a Real Precious Metal And Considered Real Jewelry.
  • Gold Wrapped - Thick Gold Wrapped Makes Your Jewelry Last Long and Look Realistic. Up to 10X Thicker Than Competitors.
  • Prong Setting - CZ Simulated Diamonds Are Micro Pave Prong Set to Shine It's Best. This Is Authentic Stone Setting Real Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry Uses.
  • Quality Craftsmanship - Created With Fine Details and Strength To Be Durable Over Time and Look Beautiful.
  • Fast Shipping - Immediate Shipping To Ice You Up Fast.

Jesus Crucifix Gold .925 Sterling Silver Pendant. Jesus Crucifix pendant crafted from solid .925 Sterling Silver then 18K gold wrapped 10X to look and feel real at a fraction of the cost. Covered in CZ diamond stones that shine bright. Beautiful design Jesus Crucifix hip hop pendant. Order yours today.

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