Extreme Shine Black Bling Bling Bracelet

Extreme Shine Black Bling Bling Bracelet

$ 25.00 $ 99.00


  • Bling Bling Shine - Covered in Crystals to Shine Bright Around Your Wrist.
  • Jet Black Plated - Provides a Deep Black Coating to Match the Jet Black Stones.
  • Fold Over Clasp - Secure This Bling Bling Bracelet with a Fold Over Locking Mechanism. Easily Open and Close Clasp.
  • Big and Bold - Wide Bracelet With Crystal Stones All The Way Around The Entire Bracelet.
  • Great Value - Hip Hop Style Bling Bling Shine for an Affordable Price. No Need to Spend Thousands to Have an Icey Wrist.

This bling bling bracelet is for the real players out there who want to shine. This thick bracelet has hella ice and shines bright like the sun. Features a caged back for a solid quality feel.

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