CZ Gold Cuban Bling Bling Chain 10MM

CZ Gold Cuban Bling Bling Chain 10MM

$ 89.00 $ 299.00

Chain Length

  • Quality Gold Finish - Realistic Long Lasting Gold Shine Up to 6X Thicker Than Competitors.
  • Quality Crafted - Quality Finish and Polish.
  • Triple Lock Clasp - Keep Your Chain Secure Around Your Neck.
  • Bling Bling - Shines Like VVS Diamonds for a Fraction Of The Cost.
  • Fast Shipping - Get Your Cuban Chain Fast and Start Shining!

Cuban hip hop chain is covered in lab created diamond simulants. The chain is gold dipped for a rich 18k gold look. Each link measures 10MM wide and has 6 stones hand set with prongs into the chain (no glue) These are limited edition pieces because there is very much hand work involved in making just a single bling bling cuban chain. Hot selling style, get yours today while they last!

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