Custom Cluster Bling Bling Chain 36 Inches - 1200 Stones!

Custom Cluster Bling Bling Chain 36 Inches - 1200 Stones!

$ 59.95 $ 199.00


Yes it's finally Here! The fully Custom bling bling chain. This "flower" design chain has a solitaire stone in the center surrounded by a dozen smaller faux diamond stones. The total stone count on this chain is ALMOST 1200 STONES. Your favorite hip hop stars spend as much as $40,000 to have this chain but with real platinum and diamonds. Save money here, cop this chain and then a new car for less money. This is the most sought after bling bling chain and is proud to bring it to you first. Each one of these chains takes over 3-4 hours just to install the diamond replicant stones. There is a lot of hand work that goes into this chain and the result is a breathtaking bling bling chain.
The links on this chain are about 9mm in diameter, the total length of this bling bling chain is 36 inches.

***Buy early to ensure you can own this chain. Due to the labor intensity during manufacturing only a limited quantity of these bling bling chain can me made weekly.

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