Bling Bling Canary Custom Watch 41MM

Bling Bling Canary Custom Watch 41MM

$ 99.00 $ 399.00


  • Custom - Full Bling Bling Watch with Over 1000 Stones
  • Bling Bling - Totally Blinged Out Dial, Bezel, Lugs, Side of Case, and Band. WOW
  • Bezel - 41MM Big Stone Bezel.
  • Band - Full Bling Bling Featuring Hidden Watch Clasp with Removable Links.
  • Color - Gold Tone

Bling Bling Canary on Gold 41MM Fully Custom Watch. Incredible bling bling shine on this gold watch. Simulated diamond yellow canary Czech Crystals all over the bezel, dial, side of case and all the way around the band. This bling bling watch is made on a much higher quality level than the rest of the watches out there. Better, long lasting Gold color, brighter shine, and full stone coverage. Order yourLemonade Bling Bling Watch Today.

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